Launch of our co-design project

‘How should decisions about heritage be made?’ is an unusual research project. It’s unusual because we don’t know what it’s about yet!

This is because a team of people from lots of different types of organisations, groups and communities are going to work together to design the research questions and its methods.

Our Team includes museums, other heritage organisations and local groups, funders and academics/researchers (for a full list).

Between February and May 2013 we’ll explore issues of heritage decision-making and then design a research project which will be carried out for 12 months from July 2013. We’re going to design the research project through workshops, lots of discussion with people we work with in our own organizations and communities, through social media and through a ‘day in the life’ swap (so we get to see ‘heritage decision-making’ through other people’s eyes).

Our Co-design project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of their Connected Communities Programme and is a Co-Design Development Grant.


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