Increasing participation from where you are


The ‘How should decisions about heritage be made?’ project is concluding with a new website with the legacies of the project, including our final project booklet.

The outcomes of the ‘How should heritage decisions be made?’ ended up being focused on ‘how to increase participation from wherever you are’. Through our research process – which, drawing on our co-design ethos, has emphasized both learning from the know-how of the practitioners and activists in the research team and our experimental research techniques – we identified four key ways of working:

Act: Make change from where you are
Connect: Cross boundaries and collaborate
Reflect: See your work through other people’s eyes
Situate: Understand your work in context

Connected Communities Festival 2015
We’re also running a number of events for the Connected Communities Festival on 19th, 20th and 27th June from canoeing on the Clyde and asking ‘What has heritage ever done for us?’ in York to Heritage Hit Squad at MadLab and Ceramic City Stories DIY Heritage Day all drawing on our project’s ideas.

Our project booklet
Download from the Heritage Decisions website